Thinking of a career change, becoming self employed or being your own boss, you may want to acquire a new DIY skill in ceramic tiling, then why not try one of the quality tiling courses at North East Tiling Training – We ONLY teach tiling!!!

The shortfall in skilled labour means there has never been a better time than the present to train on wall and floor tiling courses.

Good quality tilers are rarely out of work due to a market place which is constantly changing, think of all the new bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories, shops, restaurants that are getting renewed. Tiling plays a big part. A good tiler can earn up to £40K a year.

We run various Intensive Tiling Courses at NORTH EAST TILING TRAINING, We offer one of the most comprehensive 4 day tiling courses there is and we are well known around the country for the intence courses we deliver. You will gain a very good understanding of the tiling industry along with advanced techniques in a relaxed environment and give yourself the foundation and confidence to make a start towards furthering a career in this well paid profession, become your own boss or tackle some of your own projects.

Instructors are level 3 qualified tilers and teacher assessors, this ensures the quality of your training.

The North East Tiling Training centre is a nationally approved training centre, therefore you can achieve a Nationally recognized certificate in wall and floor tiling level 2 by the end of your course, certificates will be sent out by the governing body direct to you after your course and the appropriate paperwork has been completed by us. (There will be an extra charge if you want this certification for the college admin costs). If you do not wish to be accredited you will still receive a good quality laminated in house certificate from us.

You will be working in a purpose built equipped bay for plenty hands on practical tiling; courses are kept to a small number which means better tuition, every person is different, some people learn quicker than others so the tiling courses are designed around easy learning and no embarrassing situations will occur, there is no need to feel uneasy about anything. Enjoy and learn is the motto. The courses are suitable for anyone who has some or absolutely no experience in tiling whatsoever.

Demonstrations and knowledge sessions also run throughout the course, these knowledge sessions are essential in tiling as they cover a step by step background preparation for walls and floors, adhesives and different tiles etc. These sessions are made very easy and simple to follow. This will help you overcome any problems when tiling in the real world of peoples holmes. All the courses are very intense and cover vasts amounts of information on how to get the job done quickly, safely and correctly.

There are no tests or exams to be done on the course. Advice on achieving further qualifications will also be given. learn all the tips and tricks of the tiling trade as well as how to use tools, manual and electric.

After completing the tiling course at North East Tiling Training, you will probably find that the cost of the course will pay for itself whether it be your own tiling job (save on getting costly tradesmen in) or a future paying customer in your new business, whichever path you decide to take our tiling courses are for you.

Try one of the courses at North East Tiling Training, you’ll be surprised at how much you can learn.

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Enjoy cermaic wall and floor tiling courses in our training centre in the North East. Our tiling courses are designed to fit the requirements of both professional and DIY ceramic wall and floor tilers.