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Topics Covered on our Tiling Courses in the North East


We offer real value for money courses giving you all the extensive tiling knowledge
you will possibly need and we will cover all the situations and problems that you will encounter on the real paid jobs.

Look below the contents this course covers

Our course maybe short but it is extremely intense and straight to the point. It is well designed to take you from scratch up to giving you all practical and background knowledge you will need in the shortest possible time, you will quickly gain the confidence to go straight out and do a quality paying tiling job for a customer. We have an enviable reputation and have many independent testimonials on the web. We have created hundreds of new businesses’s.

Because so many of the people we train come to us for a total career change, we pass on our 22 years experience of how to run a business, from keeping accounts, marketing and taxation, so you will know exactly what to do when you leave the course. We have a free aftercare service for advice on anything after you leave the course as well for total peace of mind.

Courses finish about 6pm

You will gain a full understanding of all the topics below by the time you leave the course, along with a detailed information book for future reference.

  • Overview of the workshop and training
  • Reasons for skilled labour shortage and why pay is high
  • Tools you will be using throughout the week
  • Tools needed to start a career in tiling and where to buy them
  • Business advice on starting up
  • Tax, National insurance
  • Health and Safety in domestic and workshop environments
  • Environmental issues
  • Public liability insurance
  • CSCS cards
  • How to use hand cutters
  • How to use machine cutters
  • Lots of practical time for hands on cutting of shapes out of tile
  • Best ways to find work
  • Total understanding of different adhesives
  • All Backgrounds and how to prepare them
  • Importance of setting out the job
  • Setting out to British Standard methods, (know where every cut tile will be before yo even start)
  • Tiling your own bathroom bays
  • Dealing with toilets and washbasins
  • Inserting borders
  • Uneven walls
  • Uneven floors
  • Leveling compounds
  • Tanking Systems (waterproofing)
  • Under Floor Heating systems
  • Wet rooms
  • Creating centre pieces
  • Toweling, tile fixing and correct spacing
  • How to use manual and electric cutters
  • Mitres for trims around windows
  • Kitchen tiling, (sockets), diamond patterns
  • Floor tiling
  • Radiators
  • Hole cutting
  • Door finishes
  • Grouting bays to finish
  • Different grout talk
  • Silicones
  • Different tiles / marble / slate / porcelain / ceramic / mosaic
  • Customer service (very important)
  • Pricing jobs in detail
  • Suppliers, Tile shop trade accounts
  • How to exactly measure up a job
  • Certificate presentation

PRICE ONLY £395 inc vat



You will gain a full understanding of all the natural stone tiles, marble, slate, granite, porcelain, travertine, terraccotta etc. You will be fixing slate tiles to the floor and marble to the walls in this course as well as drilling holes and cutting them with diamond tipped cutting tool





These are a few comments by e-mail or letter about how past trainee’s have found the course

Hi Darren, Its Sean, one of the party from Leeds, the dot and dab guy. Thought I would say some words about the course for all the non believers out there, this is a damn good course, I considered myself a good tiler, i had done seven big jobs already before the course and because I was going to go self employed thought I better take a professional course, the lads at work said you’ll never learn everything in four days, I know a guy who did a 8 week course, well that I say, SO WHAT. …. I’m a good tiler but the stuff Darren taught me opened my eyes, i’m quick but the stuff he told me left me standing and the Ideas he has with what you can make out of a £5 box of tiles was incredible. Trust me this course is worth the money……. He is true to his word which I know he is, what he told me we would cover, was covered very clearly and easily. .I would give this course 100% and I mean that, I learnt so much in the four days that I was absolutely exhausted by the end, as were all the other guys on the course, If you have any doubts what so ever please feel free to email me and I will verify everything that I have said, My email is [email protected], I cant recommend this course enough even if all you want to do is re tile your own house, you will get your money back and still have the skill forever. Thanks again for your support …………………….

Silicone Sean , Leeds

Fantastic course, amazing how much can be learned in a four day course, well set out and planned, Darren is a very knowledgeable and patient instructor.

Steve, Bradford

To Darren and Tracey, I’d like to thank you both firstly for the course I completed last month……From joining you on the Monday morning not knowing the slightest thing about tiling to leaving on the Thursday evening, feeling totally confident that I could have a future in this business, and my feelings have proven correct. This is by far the best thing that I have done for myself in the last 10 years and wish I had done it sooner……I have went from working horrible continental shifts in a factory, to working for myself and making more money than I could ever imagined. I have approx ten jobs under my belt in the space of 4-5 weeks and have just managed to get into a interior design company and become their official tiler, I am totally booked up for the next 5 weeks and a promise of a constant supply of work….The course offered a great learning curve and taught me everything that I needed to know, the background theory we covered is exactly the everyday stuff that i use and would be lost without the knowledge we all gained from it, when I discuss jobs with clients and friends they say that I sound like I have been in the trade for years, Darrens teaching in theory and in practice is more than adequate to take you from apprentice to professional in the 4 day course, its all pure information , no waffling. I would never have believed it if I hadn’t done this course myself…..A special thanks to Tracey who’s welcoming attitude and friendly help and advice before and during the course was most appreciated, Thank you so much to the both of you for giving me a new career and a brighter looking future.

Johnny, Newcastle

Hi Darren, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and guidance during the tiling training course that I was on.. From being unemployed and low in confidence, to running my own business in this short space of time is something that I could never have imagined. . Your course really helped me gain the confidence to go out and believe that I could go into a customers house and do a complete tiling job from start to finish.. I thought the way the course was set up was fantastic, with all the knowledge we gained and the way you put this across on the course was invaluable. There was so much to be gained by completing the course and so much to learn in such a short space of time. You really put us at ease and nothing was to much trouble, no matter what problems we came across during training.. I have managed to get a grant and set up on my own and things are going from strength to strength. I have also secured regular work from a local conservatory company tiling all their floors after giving a sample of my standard of work.. Things could not have been going any better. I would have no hesitation in recommending your course to anyone in this area. Thanks again

Ray, Scotland

Dear Darren and Tracey, I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed your course, I was unsure what my plans were after arriving from Australia a couple of months ago. When I registered for the course, like everyone I suppose, was a bit unsure what to expect, you put us all at ease straight away and after completing the course I felt confident, inspired and well informed which helped me make the decision to set up on my own in my tiling business. I am already hunting for a van , have ordered tools as well as making contact with various tiling stores in the area. I have lined up jobs straight away for friends and family, Its very exciting. The course covered so much info in a short period of time. I feel that the theoretical grounding you gave us will help me be a well informed professional tiler. The course also gave me great experience and loads of info on running a business from what you need to get started to what tools you need to measuring, pricing and dealing with customers. Brilliant, It really is a school of excellence. Thanks ………………….

Gary, Aussie Tiler

Hi Darren, Thanks for the course I really enjoyed it. I am sending you this email in case any others want some feedback from someone who has been on the course. Having changed career a few times now Ive been on many courses, inc various building courses, computers and others. The way you put your course together puts the others to shame, its clear ,concise and covers everything. Its truly an excellent course. When you take a week off work, pay for transport, digs, the course, tools you don’t want to waste any time. Its the first course I’ve ever been on that I can say that I was impressed from the very beginning to the end, nothing was missing and everyone had the same opinion as myself that completed it, you certainly know your stuff and how to get it across, everything was layed out in a relaxed friendly and most enjoyable manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone. As you can see I ‘am very happy, Thank You.

Ed, Berwick Upon Tweed

Hi Darren, Thanks once again for the course, as I told you I was contemplating a more expensive and longer course than yours in the first Instance, glad I didn’t and saved the money by coming on your course instead. You were right what you said about your course on the telephone, exactly as described. The money I saved went to buy the tools I needed to get started and things took off pretty quickly thanks to your advice on ways to find work. I was surprised at how passionate you were in your teaching making sure everyone new what to do and how to do it right. The course covered more than I expected covering quite advanced techniques, never thought I would have done so well on even the advanced stuff and setting out with the borders and centerpieces, you explain things very easy, looked great when finished. I would recommend your course to anyone and is the best value for money I have had in a long time, quite a lot of information and graft but well worth it. Anyway wish me luck again in my new career, Thanks again.
Craig, Durham

Came to the course having no experience in tiling at all, found the course very easy to follow, I am confident to go out with what I have learned to make a start in a tiling career.
Jeff, North Yorks

The course was excellent, didnt realize how much is involved with tiling, very well laid out, the right mix of practical work and background theory. I would recommend anyone interested in a tiling career to have a chat with Darren about his courses. 10 out of 10 for the course.
David, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Hi Darren, been finished from your course about a month now, big change for the better than the factory I was in, first week was slow then started getting a few quotes in then I was away, haven’t stopped since. Thanks very much for your course, wish I had done this ten years ago, I’m loving the freedom of being self employed and the money is much better than I was getting at the factory. Anyone thinking of changing career like I was, get yourself on this course and you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll be when you leave. The course is no nonsense just pure tips and knowledge for the 4 days from start to finish, Best of luck Darren.

Sammy, Prudhoe

Very good, taught me lots of things I didn’t know and things I thought I knew but didn’t at all, loads of tricks of the trade that saves masses of time. I would recommend this course to anybody that were considering tiling in the future.
James, North Yorks

A well balanced course on the whole, very informative both in written and practical tips, good easy layout of workshop to simulate every day situations. I feel confident in going out and doing a decent job for anyone. Thank you.
Tony, Durham

Having no experience in tiling at all, It was avery well structured course, very well explained, lots of practical work and problems to overcome, found it very helpfull and all the tips and tricks add up to ensure that I should be able to tackle jobs with confidence. Full professional outlook throughout the course. ( Chris, Cleveland)
Chris, Cleveland

Covered all parts that I expected, the most important parts covered in detail, gives you all the confidence to tackle all the jobs I will come across. Darren has given me ongoing advice since leaving the course through e mail and telephone calls and said he is only at the end of the phone if I require any more info. (Paul, Bradford)
Paul, Bradford

Most people are skeptical about how much you can learn in 4 days but Darrens course is well structured and the course gives you enough practical and technical information to enable you to do a simple DIY job or re tile a full paying customers bathroom. Whether your a keen DIY er or looking for a career change, this is the course for you.(Chris, Scotland)
Chris, Scotland

A plasterer by trade and being doing tiling jobs for about a year, came on the course to brush up on some skills, what an eye opener for me, learned the tricks that will just about half my time and realized how wrong I was doing it in the first place. Was amazed at how advanced the course was covering just about everything, cracking course, would recommend it to anybody.

Gary, Gateshead

Very Intensive, full of usefull information. Course was put across well by Darren . The notes that I took during the course will be very valuable when coming to gather info that is needed for the various jobs that I will come across (very motivational). It is now the monday after the course, I have ordered business cards, got a grant from the local council, placed a advert in the local paper, getting business accounts set up and ordered tools. Thanks very much for a great time, well worth every penny.
Chris Kennedy, Scotland

Many thanks Darren for all you help and support during my four day course. I’ve recently set up an account with Palace adhesives and ordered the tools that i need . Its amazing how much I learnt in just four days. The knowledge I gained from yourself will give me a good start in my own business, but will also last for many years to come. A fantastic course and highly recommended.
Ken, South Shields